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Monday, November 5, 2012

What Is An Incarnated Angel?

Hello Friends,
In traveling through life, you may sometimes feel alone.  The good news is you're never alone.  Angels are real and they care! 

Note From ZARA:

Life for an Incarnated Angel can be very difficult.  That's why, back in 1996, I introduced the concept of Incarnated Angels.  This knowledge, which Archangel Michael gave through me, has helped thousands who've come to me over the years for Angel Readings.  In the Angel Reading sessions I facilitate, the angels and I help people revisit their lives from an angelic perspective and understand their lives more accurately than ever before.   That, combined with the energy clearing and spiritual counseling included in ZARA's private Angel Reading sessions, routinely helps my clients to feel better than they have felt for a long, long time.

I’m so impressed with your reading and Guidance, that I wouldn't go anywhere else. Your readings blew me away. Everything you tell me about my live is soooooo accurate. The real deal’s here if anybody needs help with problems in life. You are just so amazing I'm really blessed to come across you who helps me out with all my situations. I’m your client for life!
Jessica, Fremont, California

The good angels care about humansand influence them to choose good

Since introducing the concept of Incarnated Angels, there are now thousands who identify with the concept.  The following is a comment written by one who sees herself as an Incarnated Angel / Earth Angel:

The words of one who feels she's an Earth Angel:  "The life of an angel is hard--especially when one is an Earth Angel.  Imagine deciding to leave paradise to squeeze into limited bodies that don’t fit and to then live within a corrupt people on a planet which is in constant turmoil, fraught with evil influence–with an evil influence that does not want Spirits of Light to flourish. 
ZARA of  Zara’s Angels does a really good at helping her clients and the readers of her website and blogs understand why we angels are here and how hard it is on us."  Angel A


“I’m really happy that I have you to help me.  I’m very appreciative and I have full faith in your work.  I found you because one day, I heard my angel say, ‘Incarnated Angel--just look it up!’  I heard that over and over again.  I had never heard of that before, but I decided to look it up and I found you.  I know that everything you tell me is exactly true and I’m so happy that I can actually talk to you!”  Dawn Travell, Ontario, Canada  

"My readings with ZARA have far surpassed all of my expectations. She is without a doubt a gifted psychic but what makes her readings so special is her genuine counseling ability. She provides a calming, soothing and comforting energy even through the telephone. If you are looking for validation, direction or answers to any questions in your life, ZARA is definitely the person to help. As a very logical law student, I was pretty skeptical of ZARA at first, but after a few minutes of speaking with her, I knew that she was the real deal!" C.E.C.; Louisiana

ZARA, America's Favorite
Psychic Angel Reader

Hello Friends,

Before telling certain clients that they were Incarnated Angels, (starting in 1996), the concept of angels actually incarnating as a humans was  unknown.  Yet because Archangel Michael directly told me of this, I knew it was true.  Besides telling me that Incarnated Angels exist in the world as humans, he also gave me detailed knowledge of what Incarnated Angels actually are, their purpose, their origin, and the reason they incarnated as humans rather than remaining exclusively in the angelic realm, in other words, why they became Incarnated Angels.  

The information I impart in the following will help you understand what  Incarnated Angels really are and the true reason they are here. 

What Are Incarnated Angels?  

 First I want to state that Incarnated Angels do exist.  Incarnated Angels are beings who were created as angels, but then, because of a special need, good angels were asked to volunteer to come to  earth through the normal method of birth and pass a sojourn here on earth as humans.

This started a very long time ago, and the good angels that volunteered to come have incarnated as humans many, many times. As such, they have not only forgotten who they are, they've gotten caught up in this earthly existence, have become very confused and have even accrued karma.  Nevertheless, they tend to retain some of their original qualities, such as an exceptionally strong feeling of connection and love for God, and a very strong desire to participate in making this world a better place.  

Incarnated Angels are very human and make mistakes and blunders just like everybody else.  But since the job I was given by Archangel Michael is to be an advocate for Incarnated Angels by spreading Incarnated Angel news through my writings, and being available for private, Angel Reading sessions, through this means, they are learning more about who they are and how to fulfill their purpose.  

In addition, I help the Incarnated Angels (as well as other people), in private, scheduled Angel Reading sessions. Incarnated Angels now have the opportunity to get the help they so often sorely need--a true understanding of who they are and how it all fits in their lives.  This helps them know who they are and how to clearly express their purpose on earth more than they had previously done.  

“So much insight.  Very motivating.  Makes me want to smile.  I just feel good--like completely cleansed--like there’s nothing wrong right now.  I feel like I have a clear path--full of direction, motivation and guidance.  I feel blessed.  I will definitely call again.  This means the world to me.  The reading was over at exactly 11:11 and you called me just as I was doing my first angel spread.  This is amazing!”
Melanie Solone, Long Beach, NY

The fact that I'm the Angel Advocate is the reason, beginning in 1996, he inspired me to reveal the existence of good Incarnated Angels in my  article, "Victory of the Angels".  The purpose, he said, was to explain a little of what Incarnated Angels are, so they could find me, schedule a private session with me if they choose, and get their questions answered and their negative programs cleared for a reasonable fee.  I also write articles on many spiritual topics, and you can subscribe to my free newsletter to receive them, as well as subscribing to this blog. 

The private Angel Reading sessions with ZARA need to be scheduled, and I have various lengths of readings available to fit people's varying financial needs. 

So before I explain more about the Incarnated Angels specifically, I'd like to share why Incarnated Angels have come here.

The first beings God created
were Angels
Almost everyone agrees that in the beginning, God was all that existed.  Imagine this.  There was no one else for God to talk to.  There was only God.  After a while, God decided to create other beings besides him/her self, and that's what God did...  The first beings God ever created were the angels, who then existed for eons before, eventually, God created humans.  

Description of angels

Before humans were created, angels were happy, peaceful and magnificent.  The angels are ethereal beings that have form and yet are formless.  They can fly.  They can be in two or more places at once.  They have incredible power and knowledge. They can change their size from large to small to huge as often as they like.  In many ways, they're very different from the humans.  They carry an incredible amount of wisdom, information and understanding, and the power they possess is far beyond our comprehension.  Yet, they are not perfect. While the angels were created to love, help, and be messengers for God, and for a very long time, angels fulfilled their function perfectly, eventually there was a problem.

The problem occurred after the humans were created.  In fact, good angels were involved in the creation of humans, and for a long time, the humans were innocent.  Originally, the humans had a great deal of purity.  There was no war, no killing, no bloodshed of any kind.  Humans got along with animals and with each other.  They had no fear, no anger and no aggression.  All of their needs were met and they were in harmony.  

The majority of Angels
were loyal to God
and in harmony with humans
It may be hard to believe, but humans were once very pure, and God and the good angels who helped to create humans were happy with them--just as good parents are pleased when their children are doing well and behaving themselves--but, as I indicated before, a problem eventually developed.

The problem was this:  The humans, complete with the beauty and innocence of their souls, were very loved by God.  For this reason, some of the angels were jealous.  The majority of the angels were okay with humans being loved by God, but some had an attitude like children who are upset when a new baby comes into the family and "steals" the parents' attention that should belong to them!  Of course, some children are never jealous of their new baby brothers and sisters, but some are intensely jealous and resent their younger siblings for the rest of their lives.  Like resentful children, the dark angels' battle cry was that since they came first, and they should get all the attention.  So in order to fight against God's decision to love and care for humans, dark angels, (dark entities, demons), against the humans got "organized" and formed a legion of rebels.  

The good angels, not buying into negative thinking, could not understand the jealously of the disgruntled angels.  They felt that there was plenty of room for all.  They felt that God's loving his/her other children (meaning the humans), took nothing away from them.  They were pleased that the humans were good, and they liked their innocence.  Two thirds of the angels did not side with the rebel angels.  In fact, the falling of their brothers and sisters came as a shock.  They never expected such a thing to happen and as they watched it happening, they couldn't believe the arrogance of the negative angels, dark entities, demons.  The good angels knew that there was no reason whatever to be jealous of the humans, and couldn't understand why the fallen angels were so insecure as to be angry about a "problem" that didn't even exist.  In other words, they were supportive of God, and in their loyalty to God, followed the guidance and leadership of Archangel Michael.

But evil doesn't like good, and one-third of the angels, which then became the fallen angels, or demons, became evil.  In fact, that's when evil came into being.  An interesting fact worth noting is that  e-v-i-l  is actually l-i-v-e spelled backwards--significant because the angels who chose evil chose everything backwards from that point.  Instead of supporting the humans' progress and success, they were jealous, angry, and wanted to cause humans harm.  Instead of loving God and being inspired by all that is good, they went towards all that is harmful.  Under the leadership of the former archangel, Lucifer, they started an uprising, (hence: the origin or war). Believing they knew more than God, they wanted to take control over heaven and earth.  Following the misguidance of Lucifer, they went into battle with the loyal forces of God, led by Archangel Michael.

Fallen Angels badly influencing humans

Eventually, the rebel angels, demons, filled with hate, lost the war and were ousted from heaven.  Because God loved all his/her children, they were not destroyed.  Instead, they were sent to other planetary systems, the purpose of which was to give them more chances to repent their of misdeeds, learn from their mistakes, and come back to God.  

Immediately, some repented, were instantly forgiven, and were allowed back into the highest kingdom.  Many however, did not repent, and instead, seething with anger, became what we now call fallen angels and demons.  Then, the fallen angels, far-flung from the paradise they once inhabited, found themselves in a miserable place, which, to them, was hell.  Remember, Reader, the fallen angels (demons) could have repented and been forgiven, but instead of choosing something that would have been very good for them, they embraced self-sabotage and negativity instead and created their own hell.  Then, according to John Milton, in his inspired and insightful classic, Paradise Lost, the leader of the fallen angels, Satan, came up with a terrible and devious plan.  "Better to reign in hell than to serve in heav'n." Paradise Lost, 1:263  He gave a  speech to all who had been cast out of heaven in which, recognizing they could not reenter the heavenly kingdom without permission, but they could mess with God's children, the humans.

Long before some of the good angels came to earth as humans, the fallen angels, demons came to earth disguised as humans and used their cover to purposely corrupt the humans.  Using devious methodology involving the psychology of flattering humans' ego and teaching them to willfully resent and fight each other, the fallen angels, demons, started corrupting the humans and spoiling their innocence.  Through teaching prejudice, egotism, deception, and methods of going to war, they introduced chaos and disharmony.  In so doing,  they wanted to cause problems for God.  

If you look around the earth, noticing the war and corruption that abounds, you will recognize that the demons have managed to corrupt a huge number of humans in many, many ways.  This is why politics, corporations, religions and the media are all based on corruption.  The dark side demons are on and around the earth and have never gone away.

Now to the question: What are Incarnated Angels?

There was a time when the good angels that always remained on God's side, only influenced people through  intuition and showed up in visions.  Sometimes, they even temporarily came into a human body and interacted with humans: "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."  
Hebrews 13:2 

Eventually, things got bad on earth, and numbers of humans who had once been innocent  but who had been influenced and deceived by the fallen angels, (demons), were corrupted.  But, of course, there was still hope.  That "hope" is the reason for what happened next:

A meeting was called in heaven in which angels were asked to volunteer to come to earth as humans through the normal avenue of birth.  The purpose would be to live in the human body, subject to the same difficulties, the same temptations, but through an intuitive remembrance of who they are, they would be able to teach and positively influence at least some of the humans into choosing good and coming back to innocence. 

That was when some of the angels volunteered to incarnate as humans, so that is what happened.  Those are the beings that Archangel Michael has named Incarnated Angels.  They are the same as Earth Angels.  There is no distinction between them.

When the Incarnated Angels came into this earth, it was not easy.  They went through a difficult  descent in which they had to give up some of who they were during their stay on earth, (except through meditation).  That was very painful.  They didn't come to earth to serve themselves.  They came because they love God and they wanted to help humans choose goodness.  They did not come because of karma.  Those who volunteered had no karma.  They came because they care.

Incarnated Angels live among us.  They come in all countries, in all colors, in both sexes.  They can be ordinary people, mothers, fathers, teachers, neighbors.  They can be leaders, philanthropists, writers, singers, musicians, poets, business people, paramedics, firemen, etc.  In fact, they can be found in almost every field of endeavor.  Sometimes they like their mundane jobs and are comfortable with them.  Sometimes they find themselves in jobs they feel bad about and want to move from.  As humans who just happen to be Incarnated Angels, they run the whole gamut of existence.


In my next post, I will describe how the angels and I help my clients who are Incarnated Angels to understand themselves, understand their lives, and define and fulfill their purpose. 

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Love and Blessings!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Angel Readings for Incarnated Angels by ZARA

About ZARA's Angel Readings...

When no one else seemed to know there were good angels incarnated as humans, Archangel Michael told me about Incarnated Angels and asked me to share this concept with people who are Incarnated Angels in private Psychic Angel Reading sessions.  He told me that I was to be their advocate, "Angel Advocate" because he gave me a completely unique understanding of what Incarnated Angels are, why they are here, what their purpose is and how each Incarnated Angel can fulfill their purpose. I'm also able to help Incarnated Angels understand what their spiritual and mundane gifts are, what they're up against in this world, and how they can survive and thrive in this world.  In fact, I directly teach them how to "ace" difficult and complex situations that no one else has been able to help them with.

Since I have  a unique gift in the way I work with Incarnated Angels, regardless of the fact that initially the words "Incarnated Angels" was completely missing from my advertising, true Incarnated Angels have always found me.  In fact, for the past sixteen years, I've always been extremely busy in my practice, and Incarnated Angels and other people have always flocked to me from all over America and from other countries of the world.

Now that "Incarnated Angels" is mentioned in many of my blogs and other literature, I'm hearing from and working with people from even more countries of the world. Many of them wonder if they are Incarnated Angels, and have situations that they've already gone to numerous professionals as well as friends to try to get help with, but were unable to find anyone who could truly help them, who then find me and commission me to help them.  Usually, after one or two sessions, they express their understanding that after going to all those people including professionals, I am the only one who is truly helping them.  They can see the difference, because I'm able to fill in the gaps about certain things in their lives that never made sense before, and after I give them this information, they recognize that I just gave them the key to overcome their perplexities and sorrow that no one else had ever given them.

I now work with Incarnated Angels and other people from all over the world and from all the states of America who schedule phone or Skype Angel Readings.  1 Timothy 5:18, "The laborer is worthy of his hire".

"Dear ZARA, You have indeed made a difference in my life.  In the past few months I have faced challenges with my daughter, my step son and my work.  

Your guidance with my daughter has really made a difference.  We have gotten closer and respect each other more.  I have learned to reach out to her with love and kindness and I am also able to set important limits.  She has gotten married and I am able to thoroughly enjoy her and her husband.  They have also shared their love for me and their appreciation for all the things I have done for them.

I have also reached out to my step son and have developed a better relationship with him.  He has always been loving to me, however, after talking, we are are now able to enjoy each other more and talk more openly to each other.

My work in real estate and teaching has proved to be more successful and satisfying because of your support and advice.  I feel more positive and proactive with all facets of my work.

Thank you for helping me.  With your guidance and the angels' intervention, my life has become more joyful, happier and more rewarding.

Thank you so much.
Love, Rea, NY, NY

ZARA has been a true angel in my life.  Since our first visit in 1999, I have a clearer understanding of who I am and my purpose in this world.  She has taught me how to communicate with a realm of Beings I thought were unreachable, which has opened doors to a magnificent spiritual world.  I can honestly say that after every visit with ZARA, I feel happier and more optimistic.
Karie R, Bothell, Washington

How to receive my free angel newsletter...

I offer people a wealth of information through the many articles I write about angels and metaphysical topics.  You can receive my newsletter for free by contacting me and asking to be on my email newsletter mailing list. Send newsletter requests to:

Many people write and call me to say that they really love my articles and some have told me that they print them out and read them nightly in bed.  They say my words and the information I impart mean that much to them.

"Your message is, in itself, an assist in helping people be released from fear that the power that be is continually trying to spread among us." Susan Wegner, Edmonds, Washington

ZARA, Your article is incredibly vivid and clear.  It is also inspiring and a powerful reminder of the concept of:  There is no way to peace, peace IS the way.  Thank you for writing this.  You make a huge difference in the world!  Sue Wadden, Seattle, Washington

Incarnated Angels sometimes hear about me through direct communion from their angels, and then actually look for my advertising in order to locate me!

From the beginning, the information I've given about Incarnated Angels, otherwise known as Earth Angels, is pure because it comes directly from Archangel Michael, who told me that the majority of people who are continually attracted to my work and come to me for Angel Readings are Incarnated Angels.  He said that he and other good angels in his legion would bring these Incarnated Angels to me for guidance, and that is why they would always find me.  In reading the following testimonial, you'll see a demonstration of someone finding me through divinely inspired means!

“I’m really happy that I have you to help me.  I’m very appreciative and I have full faith in your work.  I found you because one day, I heard my angel say, ‘Incarnated Angel--just look it up!’  I heard that over and over again.  I had never heard of that before, but I decided to look it up and I found you.  I know that everything you tell me is exactly true and I’m so happy that I can actually talk to you!”  Dawn Travell, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

There was also a young man named Jim who channeled my name "ZARA" as he was riding his bicycle in the Seattle area. He'd never heard of me before, but all the sudden, my name kept going through his mind and he knew he needed to find me. After that, he went the the store and obtained a copy of The Seattle Weekly, and then found my name, a picture of me, and my phone number. In the Angel Reading he subsequently had, it came through that he was an Incarnated Angel and it was very important to not only know who he truly is, but also to get other information and clearing from the Angel Readings with ZARA. He was truly delighted and the angels who channeled through him had obviously wanted him to get very important help through my work.

“That was very good.  I feel like I just came home from church!”
J P, Indianapolis, Indiana

From the feedback I have received over the years, I know that my Angel Readings help people's lives enormously.  Here are some examples of what people are saying:

“I loved my reading with you because now I’m content with everything.  Now I know my purpose for sure, and I’m going to put more focus into it.”  
Airica Cisneros, Tracy, CA

“ZARA is amazing.  Before today, I was in a dark place.  Now, I’m feeling better and
I’m going to tell all my friends to go see her.  I’m amazed--really!  In addition to the Psychic Reading which was right-on and accurate, she did some therapeutic techniques that also were very pleasant and helped me to relax.  The whole experience of visiting ZARA was really wonderful and I’m definitely going to visit her again!”  Fitsum Wojado, Lynnwood, Washington

What My Angel Readings 
are Like...

I'm Clairaudient and Clairvoyant and I have all the psychic skills and I'm working with Archangel Michael.  In the course of a reading, I start by saying a prayer.  Then I quickly clear negative entities out, which in itself is a huge service.  I do this so that the information that comes through will be from the highest and the best--always from the angels.  Then information about YOU on the deepest level of your soul starts pouring through--things the angels have always wanted to tell you, but which you could not hear and in this way, they bring insight and direction to you through my mediumship.

Then you are able to ask questions and get answers to virtually everything, and during the reading, the angels and I will bring you direction, greater understanding, encouragement and insight as we go along.  This will help you understand yourself, people you know and situations much better than ever before and will give you greater insight about how to proceed intelligently and strategically in many important aspects of your life. What you learn will help you achieve optimum results about many things that may once have been confusing to you.

In addition, the angels and I also do energetic clearing for you, the result of which is that many problems you've been bothered with will be lessened.  This clearing will help you to get results you're going for in many areas of your life, such as increasing the chance of getting a job, avoiding problems that have been looming and it can help to clear  negative "programs" such as unnecessary "fear", "resentment", "anxiety", etc.   The result of this clearing helps you with greater understanding, usually feeling better, greater clarity about how to solve problems and overcome anxiety.

Another benefit for you is that the angels and I are able to clear curses, voodoo, spells, hexes, and geometric reversals which could have been put on you at any time in your life.  Dark side devices may have been put on you by the Dark Side in order to cause problems in your life such as nervousness, pain in muscles and joints, fear, angel, worry, fatigue, etc, yet I can quickly and easily clear them out regardless of the length of time you were previously affected by them.  

I can also accomplish Soul Retrievals, which is extremely important if at any time in your life part of your soul has been lost due to illness, grief, or fear.  Many people are not aware that part of their soul could be missing, yet this frequently happens.  When it occurs, negative 4th dimensional beings will attempt to grab onto the soul-fragments that they can reach and when they get one or more, they take them to their "lair" and remotely cause problems for the individual whose soul they have a piece of. Manifestations of soul-loss are illness, apathy, and feelings of disorientation and not being connected.

After the angels and I do the process of soul cleansing and soul reconnection, most people feel much better.  This may include greater health, happiness, more energy, feeling more purposeful, and clear thoughts.  You will feel more yourself again.  

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When you schedule your Angel Reading with ZARA you can pay through Paypal, or you can use Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card.  Personal checks and money orders are also accepted. Of course, if you come to me in person, cash is also accepted.

Incarnated Angels Came to Earth For a Reason

Monday, October 22, 2012

Past Life Regression Internet Workshops with ZARA ANGEL

America's Favorite Psychic Angel Reader
ZARA ANGEL Seattle's Best Psychic 

Past Life Regression with ZARA ANGEL
Over the Internet
When: Mondays, February 8 and 15
Time:  7PM PST
Cost:  $40

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Message from ZARA ANGEL

about Reincarnation:

Have You Lived Before?

If you believe in reincarnation, and in past lives, you are not alone.  20% of the world's population consisting of both Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation, and a survey across America made by the Gallup Organization in October 2001 asking adults 18 years and older if they believed in reincarnation indicated that at least 25% of Americans do, and an additional 20% are undecided.  This may mean that a good 45% of Americans are open to the concept of reincarnation, so again, if you believe in reincarnation, you are not alone.

Reincarnation is the belief that the soul of an individual does not die when the body dies, but is instead reborn in a different body.  When one body wears out, it is discarded, and is soon replaced with another one.
  This happens again and again during the soul's journey to enlightenment, at which point the soul has learned its lessons, and is no longer compelled to reenter the physical realm in order to fulfill desires. 

So even if you believe in the possibility of reincarnation, but are not sure, you can prove it to yourself through the hypnotic experience.  I am talking about Past Life Regression.  Millions of people have already done this.  In fact, I personally have guided hundreds of people into vivid memories of who they were before.  Afterward, I ask people to share their experiences, and virtually always, they did go back to a time to lives they had long forgotten.  They did experience past lives.  They did receive important insights about themselves and about the truth of past lives through their experiences, and they are usually happy and eager to share their experiences with the group.  When people do not want to share their past life experience, but prefer to keep it to themselves, that's OK too.  It's just that, from what I have seen before, many people love to share...It's fun and interesting to them, and they like to talk about it.

Those of you who either believe in reincarnation, or believe in its possibility, may be curious to know about your past lives.  For instance, if you've had past lives, you may wonder why you don't remember them.  The reason for this, according to the great guru and spiritual leader, Paramahansa Yogananda, is that if our soul came in remembering all of its past lives, our lives would be too cluttered, and it would be too difficult for the individual to concentrate on the life at hand.  But sometimes people--even children do remember their past lives spontaneously.  There are many cases on record, including some that have been heavily researched, and generally recognized as genuine.

Paramahansa Yogananda

This having been said, as an adult on your spiritual journey, now is the perfect time to learn about your past lives so you can use this information to understand yourself better and enjoy the experience.  The best way to induce this knowledge that I know of is through hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and this is the reason that I am now choosing to facilitate some opportunities for you to experience this wonderful phenomenon firsthand.  

Nothing could be more interesting, more enlightening as to how the past has affected the present, and more helpful as to what changes in your current life you'd now like to make.   

Past Life Regressions are interesting, helpful, fun, and very relaxing.  They broaden your perspective as they increase your insight.

Love and Blessings,

         ZARA ANGEL

“Dear ZARA, It is with delight that I express my wholehearted enthusiasm for your metaphysical classes. Your gentle experienced guidance helped me to develop new awareness and skills  that I can use in my own development and with clients. Thank you for your excellent instruction and facilitation.  The metaphysical community is lucky to have such an outstanding resource.” 
Sincerely, Scotty Smith, MSW, CHt

I love your classes, and for me, everything you teach is laced with angels and light and love. And I’m fond of the people that you attract to your classes, they each have their own element of delight. Micha Ganesh 

ZARA’s knowledge, wit and wisdom bring light with a multitude of healing beams.  She attracts great people and helps them empower their best attributes.  
Thanks ZARA”  
Kay, Seattle, WA

“ZARA’s class helped me to step into and own my own personal power.”
Casey Mitchell, Lynnwood, WA

Students in ZARA's Past Life Regression Workshop 
in Ocean Shores, Washington

Students in ZARA's Past Life Regression Workshop
in Lynnwood, Washington

Past Life Regression with ZARA ANGEL
Over the Internet 
When:  Mondays, Feb 8 and 15
Time: 7PM PST
Cost: $40

Students Experiencing Past Life Regression 
in Seattle, Washington

Imagine yourself  totally relaxing, and entering into an incredibly wonderful state  in which you find yourself vividly experiencing your past lives.  Imagine how it will feel, like watching a fascinating movie about someone really interesting and being able to actually walk into the movie and experience yourself being the character you were in a past existence.  

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Love     Peace     Joy